La Frontera Experience

Club Tijuana Xoloitzcuintles de Caliente, known locally as Xolos, is a fútbol club based in Tijuana. It’s a new club that has been on the rise since its inclusion into the Mexican leagues back in 2007. Since that time, Xolos has been promoted to the top flight of the Mexican league (2011) and in 2012 they won the league title (Apertura). They have been competing in the top flight since. The fans of Tijuana are the real story here though. If you know anything about Fútbol then you will know that Mexicans are pretty crazy about it. Living in Tijuana pre-2007 you would have been starved of seeing any live games of the sport you love. The passion for the beautiful game was there for all to see though. Fans wearing jerseys of Chivas, Leon, Club America, Cruz Azul walked the streets of Tijuana. Supporting a local club was out of the question simply because there was non. Catching a flight was the only way to watch a game live since the next nearest club was roughly 2000km away, and that ain’t much of an option (unless you’re flush with cash). Then Club Tijuana came to town and everything changed. The people of Tijuana and San Diego finally had the local club they longed for. Now you can’t walk a single block in Tijuana without seeing a Xolos jersey. The rise of the fan base, and the passion they bring is electric. This club is like no other in the entire world in the way locals on both sides of the border have connected and supported it, and it’s still just the beginning. Club Tijuana is a club on the rise and it’s the fans that deserve most of the credit. One trip to Estadio Caliente and you will see why football is known around the world to be “more than just a game”. These tours are not designed for sports photography enthusiasts who wish to photograph the actual game, but rather documentary and street photographers who wish to photograph and experience this atmosphere. Come and learn how to take images that tell a story and become part of the family of supporters cheering on Xolos!

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1/12 @7PM - TIGRES UNAL L 0-3

2/2 @7PM - TOLUCA

2/15 @7PM - VERACRUZ

3/1 @7PM - ATLAS