Our Fine Art Prints are produced to the highest archival standards, just as museums and art galleries use to present work. These 100% cotton hot press papers are acid-free, pH neutral, and made from pure cellulose, with a thickness of .43mm. These giclée prints are printed with pigment inks that dramatically enhance the brilliance of color images. These inks also have substantial longevity so that you can have these images for generations. Our Fine Art paper has a matte appearance with excellent sharpness and optimal color density and gradation. Unlike traditional photo prints, these fine art papers do not reflect light and are made for framing and presenting.

The available sizes are 8x10, 11x14, 16x20. Prints come with a white border and a fine black line (0.2mm), which separates the white border from the image itself. This gives the image a clean and modern look that is ready for framing. You only need to purchase a frame and these prints will be ready for the wall, no matte board is necessary.