Tijuana Street Photography Workshops

We offer a range of street photography workshops and tours, from the scheduled monthly street photography workshop/tours for small groups through to private and customized photography workshops/tours. We are able to cover many street photography topics from technical techniques through to visual techniques. We give plenty of 1on1 time on our group workshops to work on things that matter to you. We explore prime areas for street photography whilst offering knowledgeable advice & guidance along the way, setting you up to get the most from your camera and the trip. We stop to take advantage of the great street food scene and to quench our thirst with local craft beers all whilst discussing the days shooting. We can’t think of a better way to spend a day. Tacos, Exploration, Cervezas/Coffee, Street Photography….what more could you want as a street photographer

Why Tijuana?!

Tijuana is a melting pot of cultures from all over the world. All these cultures in one place makes for a very lively and happening place, a place that we think is perfect for street photography. Our Tijuana Photography Tours are designed to give you a place in which you can thrive as a street, urban, documentary or travel photographer, whilst also giving you an authentic experience of this vibrant and colorful city. This city and its residents provide almost endless opportunities for photographers. In our opinion, these streets provide a near perfect settings for practice and improvement of your street photography skills, giving you opportunities that you just don’t get so freely on the other side of the border.

Experience A Vibrant Cultural Scene

Crossing the border from the US into Tijuana is like crossing into another world. Even though the distance is short, you really feel like you’re traveling far because the cultural differences are striking. The streets are thriving, the atmosphere is addictive and incomparable. We urge you to experience this feeling yourself as a street photographer. Wander. Soak it all up and take home images that truly represent these streets!

  • Finding Scenes

You could have all the technical knowhow in the world, but if you can’t put it towards a compelling scene, it’s a big waste. We show you how to find moments and anticipating moments of interest.

  • Pre-Visualization in Street Photography

If you’re not visualizing your shots in at least some small way then you’re not unlocking your full potential as a creative photographer. We show you how to take control of your frame and how to develop the scene.

  • Overcoming the Fear of Photographing People

We can help you overcome your fear of shooting on the street & photographing strangers as well as give you tips and tricks that help get you close to your subject/s without interrupting the moment.

  • Building A Street Mentality for success

Street Photography is full of random occurrences, but by developing the right mindset you find purpose and vision that in turn will help you streamline your process and develop a personal style. Project confidence whilst shooting on the street and stay away from trouble. Read the situation ahead, adapt, play the part, and look like you’re meant to be there and the results will soon follow.

  • The Essential Street Focusing Techniques

Zone focus is an invaluable technique to know and understand for street photographers, especially for those that like to capture busy street scenes when out and about. It can often be faster and more accurate that the fastest AF around. We can show you how and when to use it on the streets, and when it might be better to stick to auto. We also show you other techniques for different scenarios.

  • Camera Foundational Settings

Take control of your camera and get the images you want by mastering the basics of exposure, speed, aperture, ISO, and how each one effects your images in different situations. Then get your camera to work for you, regardless of time of day, how harsh the light is etc etc

  • Reading the Light

Understanding the light that falls into your frame and on your subjects is key to getting good exposures and compelling images. It should be the first thing that goes through your mind.. Lighting and does it work in this frame. How to tackle bright contrasty light, and how to best take advantage of the golden hour. We show you how it’s done.